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We offer several different classes to help you better understand photography and your camera. Whether you’re a beginner wondering what White Balance is, or a seasoned veteran wanting to go beyond the “Auto- Mode,” we have a class for you.

Learn not only from your instructor but from your classmates as well. You might meet a new photography friend!!

Our five core photo classes consist of Intro to Digital Photography, Beyond Auto Mode, Fundamentals of Photography, Advanced Digital Photography, and Digital Point and Shoot. Learn more about these classes below and find the class schedule for your favorite location.

Current Classes:

Charlotte, NC
Saturday, January 19:  8:30AM  "Photography Basics"   Price: Free
     Covers basic operation, setting up your camera, basic photo composition. 

Lansdale, PA

Saturday, January 12:  10:30 AM   "The Basics"    Price: $24.99
      Covers shutter speed, ISO settings, aperture, and basic fundamentals.
Wednesday, January 16: 6:30PM     "The Basics" Price: $24.99
      Covers shutter speed, ISO settings, aperture, and basic fundamentals

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